Jordan Riccio
Jordan RiccioStylist/Color Specialist

The newest addition to the Motive team Jordan has been in the beauty industry professionally for 3 years, and she’s not your average hairstylist. She’s dedicated to transforming your hair into a work of art. With her super cool sense of style and incredible eye for color she creates some breathtaking work.{Specialties} Vivid color queen! Prismatic rainbows, intricate designs, & creative placement, low-maintenance & lived in balayage, edgy layered shags and mullets, classic long layers, intricate shaved head designs, avant-garde styles.

In her personal life Jordan still loves to create! She’s a super talented artist and loves to dance and hula hoop 🙂 She’s a gamer and has fun at arcades around town too! She is a devoted kitty mom to Cleopatra, and really she just radiates positivity and love, and clients feel at ease in her chair right away.

{color services + pricing}

A note from Jordan about Color Services:

Pricing for color services can vary depending on a few factors:

  • Length & Thickness of hair can effect the amount of color product and time needed to perform the service
  • Hair history – At-home color, or long term use of professional permanent color can create issues when going lighter or changing hues.
  • Hair heath – If hair is damaged or compromised multiple sessions may be recommended to ensure the integrity of your hair.
  • Your ultimate hair goals – We encourage all new color clients to fill out our online consultation form (below) for accurate pricing.

{Vivid Color Services}

{vivd accent pannel}…{$175}

Vivid accent piece, two tone, less than half head.

{shaved head color design + simple}{$150}

{shaved head color design + intricate}{$250}

{vivid transformations & color corrections}


For major color transformations ( very dark to very light or vice versa, includes vivid transformations (pink/blue/green) requires consultation form for booking and accurate estimated pricing.

{Lightening Session Pricing}

Pricing is the same for all techniques (Balayage/Foiling/etc) – Each session is custom tailored to your hair goals! (Examples Below)

{Full Session}…$245+

Whole head lightening service for someone needing heavy lightening, typically only needed once per year between partial/mini services.

{Partial Session}…$195+

Maintenance appointment for someone with previously lightened hair. Focus is the crown of the head/root and face framing.

{Mini Session}…$165+

Face Framing to add brightness around the face or *pops* of blonde

{Transformation Session}…{$95/Hr}

Services requiring 5 or more hours, complete transformational or corrective hair color service including vivid transformations.

{Add On Services}

{Density Add-On}…$50

For clients with very dense, thick, or long hair requiring additional color supplies.

{Root Tint Add-On}…$50

Single Process root tint added to a lightening service.

{Color Maintenance Sessions}

{1 Hour Session}…{$75}

Toner/Blowdry Service

{1.5 Hour Session}…{$95}

Single process color is applied to the new growth only

{2 Hour Session}…{$165}

Single process root touch up with pull through to the ends


– Global/Platinum Maintenance appointment (root touch up/less than 1.5 inches of new growth – see color correction pricing for more than 1.5 inches of new growth)

{styling & haircutting services}

{maintenance haircut}


For clients wanting to maintain their current hairstyle. It has been more than 3/4 months (less than 8) since your last full haircut and are in need of an overall shape clean up/trim length. No Major changes to existing style. Includes shampoo/styling.

{Please add additional time to the appointment if you have extra long(waistline and longer)/thick hair (ponytail 2 inches or more in diameter) or very dense hair}…+$30

{transformation haircut}


Allows time for consultation and a complete transformative haircut. Book this if you want to recreate or change the shape/length/style of your hair. (Examples – no bangs to bangs/fringe, long to short, etc)

We are recreating shape if it’s been more than 8 months since any kind of haircut/trim.

{existing client only services}

{dry cut/shaping}


Only Existing Clients are able to book this service

This service is meant to get you between full maintenance haircuts. It has been less than 4 months since your last full haircut and you’re starting to feel weighed down. We will trim up dead ends and refresh layers, but no major changes to the existing style.

{bangs & bits}


Only Existing Clients are able to book this service

Bang trim service typically 6-8 weeks from maintenance haircut. Only Bangs and face framing are trimmed and shaped (everything in front of your ears) to get you between haircuts.

{styling services}

{shampoo + blow-dry}


{Add-On Styling}


Add on styling uses hot tools at the end of a shampoo blow-dry or color service. This is in addition to the included blow-dry with color or stand alone if hot tools or other styling methods are used.

{client reviews}