Extension Services

Motive Hair offers Bello Haven Weft Hair extensions using a no-show beaded method for installation. This method does not use heat or glue and keeps the hair healthy and damage free. Bello Haven is a woman owned small business that donates a portion of every purchase to making a custom wig for a patient in need undergoing cancer treatments. Bello Haven Hair is ethically sourced 100% Remy (human hair) with cuticle in tact and can last 6-12 months with proper maintenance.

Extension Basics

A hair weft, in its basic form, is a collection of hair strands bonded to a super-thin strip ready for your stylist to work into your hair. Bello Haven extensions are 100% Remy/Human hair.
The hair is strategically sectioned for placement of the weft to achieve the desired length and volume, and sectioned again so small metal beads can be threaded onto the natural hair near the scalp. The bead is then slid up the hair and secured to create a small anchor point. One weft is placed on top and one underneath these beaded sections and sewn into the hair. This method is ideal for all hair types (but especially when working with fine hair) where the weight of the weft needs to be distributed evenly to prevent discomfort and secure the wefts.

With proper care and maintenance (detailed below) there should be little to no damage to your natural hair with the method we use to install extensions. There is no heat or tape/glue used with this method. Your scalp may feel slight discomfort/tightness when extensions are first installed because of the weight but it should resolve in 48-72 hours.

  • Bello Haven hair extensions will last for 6-12 months with proper care that involves the following:
  • Salon visitsA “move-up” maintenance appointment is required every 6-8 weeks depending on the speed of your hair growth. This includes removing the wefts, shampoo, blow dry, and reinstallation of the weft. It is important to follow the at-home care instructions so they hair can be re-used at each appointment. If care instructions are discarded we cannot guarantee the integrity of the hair/ability to perform maintenance.
  • At-Home Care:
    • Use professional products for care, Shampoo and Conditioner especially. If products are used on the hair aside from what is recommended/approved by your stylist the integrity of the hair cannot be guaranteed.
    • Moisture is important! Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, make sure extensions are completely saturated with conditioner before rinsing.
    • Leave in conditioner is recommended to assist in detangling and prevent damage to the hair when brushing out extensions while wet. We recommend Oi Milk, available in salon and “Wet Brush” to detangle,
    • Heat protection is a must! Always use a thermal heat protectant to maintain the color and integrity of the hair. (We recommend, Melu Hair Shield)
    • Daily brushing (morning&evening) of hair and extensions starting from the bottom work your way up to the root/weft. We suggest a boar bristle & nylon brush while dry and application of serum/oil (Oi Oil from Davines) daily. Your stylist can provide brush recommendations.
    • It’s recommended that you always blow-dry your hair, do not air dry extensions. Blow drying ensures no matting occurs. As a rule, never go to sleep with wet hair.
    • To protect the extensions when sleeping complete daily brushing ritual and secure your hair in a low bun, ponytail or a loose braid hair into loose braid and secure with a silk/satin scrunchie. Satin/silk bonnets can also be used for sleeping to prevent damage to the hair.
    • Exposure to salt water/lake water/chlorine can damage the hair and cause it to fade or shorten the life of the extensions. Limiting exposure to a minimum and using a clarifying shampoo/deep conditioner is highly recommended.
    • Warning! Sunscreen can cause discoloration in the hair, we recommend the use of a mineral based sunscreen, and wearing your hair up to minimize contact.

Length Varies slightly based on an individuals height but in general this is a good guide…

  • 16 inches falls at or just past shoulders
  • 20 inches falls right at chest line
  • 22 inches fall below chest
  • 24 inches falls to mid waist

Hair Pricing

Hair pricing varies on the type of extension used. The most popular extension collection is the “Heavenly” Line. Prices below are for hair only, it does not include the installation or maintenance service price (see below)

  • ALL collections below have the following qualities:

  • 100% Remy ethically sourced human hair (one donor/cuticle in tact)

  • Double Drawn – Extensions have the same amount of hair from roots to ends

  • Have Keratin bonded edges which provide a more seamless look than hand-tied wefts and increase longevity of the hair

  • Can be colored and toned to match desired look (even Vivid colors like pink, blue, etc), however they cannot be lightened

  • The different collections can be used together and customized for individual budgets

Narrow Edge

  • Good choice for color blending and dimension with 20 color options.
  • 3-4 packs recommended for full install

Heavenly Line

  • Stylist Favorite – Good for fine to medium hair and can provide length, volume, or both without feeling bulky.
  • Recommend 2 packs for volume, 4 packs for volume and full length.

Luxury Line

  • Best for thick hair, more dense than the other two options.
  • 2-3 packs recommended for full install volume and length

Service Rates

Hair Installation Appointment

1-2 Rows $500 / 3 Rows $650

Consultation appointment will determine the amount of hair needed and the number of rows to be installed to achieve desired look. Installation appointments usually last between 4-5 hours.


  • Installation of up to three rows

  • Gloss (can include toner) to prepare the hair for install/create the most seamless look between extensions and natural hair. Includes Shampoo and blowdry & iron work

  • Haircut once extensions are installed to ensure extension hair blends with natural hair for seamless look.

Maintenance Appointment

1-2 Rows $250 / 3 Rows $350

Maintenance or “move-up” appointments are required every 6-8 weeks once the hair has been installed to accommodate your new growth. Maintenance appointments are 2-3 hours and you should arrive with clean dry hair.

Optional shampoo/blowdry/gloss can be added to this service for $100

Extension Removal


30 minute appointment to remove extensions. Haircut is HIGHLY recommended add-on after extension removal. After hair is cut to blend with extensions your hair will need to be reshaped. Haircut pricing is standard pricing from your chosen stylist.